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Burning Bär is a participative event made by burners for burners. Its success hinges on your involvement!

How you can participate

Volunteering is a key dimension of every burn. Use your existing skills or try out a radically new task while making new friends at the same time. Check out our available roles and sign up below:


Build means arriving at the castle 2-3 days ahead of time to prepare all the rooms for the burn.

Key traits:
hands-on mentality, experienced with tools, good physical strength (not necessary but certainly a plus)


Deco involves decorating the venue; unloading art pieces and assisting with setup; and removing decorations at the end of the burn.

Key traits:
creative, art-loving, hands-on mentality


Gate shift is about being the first point of contact for new arrivals, checking tickets, and enforcing the strict no-ticket-no-entry policy.

Key traits:
Communicative, stress-resistant, able to remain friendly but firm at all times


Greeters give new arrivals a warm welcome and help our fellow burners through the registration and placement process.

Key traits:
friendly, communicative, good social skills

Quarter Helpers

Quarter helpers assist the quarter master with room assignments and show new arrivals to their dorm beds.

Key traits:
Helpful, good social skills

VolunTea Lounge 

A shift at the VolunTea Lounge involves answering any questions volunteers may have about their jobs; coordinating requests; and pouring tea.

Key traits:
friendly, good social skills, experience with a samowar


Fluffers support shift leads and other volunteers, run errands, and generally take care of people to help keep everyone’s spirits up.

Key traits:
helpful, sociable, nurturing, intuitive 

Kitchen Helper

Kitchen helpers assist with preparing meals and clean the tables and dishes once guests have finished eating.

Key traits:
hands-on mentality, food-loving, experience with meal preparation


Rangers help ensure the safety and well-being of the community. They serve as community mediators and provide reliable information.

Key traits:
reliable, patient, solution-oriented

Leave No Trace

MOOP hunters collect any matter out of place to help keep the castle nice and clean; and they remind people to take responsibility for their trash.

Key traits:
hands-on mentality, not afraid of dirt

Effigy Support

The EXTRAWURST of volunteering. Effigy support involves setting up our effigy -- the Bär -- that will go up in flames on Saturday night.

Key traits:
hands-on mentality, experienced with tools, willingness to work outside


The opposite of build, strike means taking down the installations and cleaning up the castle after the burn.

Key traits:
hands-on mentality, experienced with tools, good physical strength (not necessary but certainly a plus)

Get involved now

Now that you have taken the time to explore the various roles, please fill out this form so that we can put you down for one or more shifts at Burning Bär. We will get back to you shortly. Thank you!

About Berlin Burner e.V.

We are a Berlin-based registered association dedicated to the artistic and cultural exchange, both locally and internationally.

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