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Everything you need to know regarding Burning Bär.

Burning Bär is the regional German event inspired by Burning Man. The event has taken place annually ever since 2014 in various locations in Germany. It can be described as a mini-festival or an arts event, but it is actually many things. During the day, there are workshops, performances, and talks; while concerts, cabarets, and parties happen at nighttime. Based on the principles radical self-reliance, participation, and non-commercialism, Burning Bär is what participants make of it!

This year's Bär will take place in the same venue as last year: a 19th-century castle near the city of Halle.

No, this burn is smaller, shorter, and doesn't take place in a desert. However, it reflects the 10 principles Burning Man is built upon - please go and read them if you're not familiar with the concept already.

A gathering of great people, 3 different floors, the best food (breakfast and dinner), all drinks at an open bar, comfy beds, linens, a sauna, a garden.

Snacks: make sure you bring whatever is necessary for your personal needs. Transportation to and from the event are your responsibility!

Please visit to proceed to the transfer. The transfer needs to be processed via this platform. Since we check ID at the entrance, your name on the ticket must correspond to your ID.

The venue provides bedrooms or a bed in bigger dorm-like rooms. Keys to the bedrooms will be distributed upon arrival.

While last year's Bär was definitely a blast, the ticket price does not cover things like atmosphere and great people. With participation being key, every person is expected to somehow contribute to the event, be it by offering a workshop, distributing smiles and hugs, or making sure to leave no trash behind. (Sitting around and expecting people to take care of you is not the spirit of Burning Bär. This is a burn!)

Yes, this is the place to show off your special crafting skills! Please tell us all about it using the artist application form. If you have further questions, the Arts Coordination team is here to answer your questions.

In general, we view art pieces as a part of the gifting principle. However, if you need financial assistance to complete your art piece or transport it to and from the event, you can apply for a grant when submitting the artist application form.

You will be asked how you want to contribute to Burning Bär when purchasing your ticket. We are looking for volunteers who want to take on decoration, arts, room distribution, and much more.

Kids are totally welcome and can attend but have to buy a ticket. Their parent or guardian is responsible for them and their safety 100% of the time. The event is not suited for animals, but you can bring your favorite spirit animal onesie or costume!

If you still have unanswered questions, please contact us.

About Berlin Burner e.V.

We are a Berlin-based registered association dedicated to the artistic and cultural exchange, both locally and internationally.

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