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You would like to contribute to Burning Bär by bringing an art installation or giving an artistic performance at the event? Applications for art grants are open until January 1st, so go ahead and send us your ideas!

Art Installations 2017

Last year’s Burning Bär had some incredible art on display. Look through the gallery below to find inspiration for your own project.

Art Grant Guidelines

  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE - Your description should not exceed 100 words and might contain one figure/picture/sketching of the gestalt of your art project.

  2. THINK IT THROUGH - Please make sure your proposal is well-structured and addresses the following points: who is submitting, idea behind the concept, description of your art piece, technical requirements (electricity, transportation, etc.), space required (m²; room), amount of money you are applying for, number of tickets needed for your team in the directed sale (name of team members), and potential risks or hazard.

  3. MIND THE MONEYS - Please note: material will only be reimbursed if you provide us with your original receipts (if you order online, we need both the invoice and the online payment approval). We also cannot provide any compensation for your labor. The deadline for submitting your receipts for reimbursement is March 25th, 2018.

Apply now:

If you have further questions please check the FAQ or drop us an e-mail.
We will  get back to you as soon as possible.

Time Schedule

Please submit your art project for an art grant to Berlin Burner e.V. before January 1st, 2018 in order to give us enough time to evaluate all applications. You will receive a reply by January 15th.  Please note that registered artists are also entitled to apply for a reasonable amount of directed tickets. 

Key DatesRequired Action
January 1st, 2018Submission of grant application
January 15th, 2018Reply from art team
Early 2018Direct Ticket Sale
February 22nd, 2018Early arrival setup
February 23th - 25th 2018EXTRAWURST (Burning Bär 2018)
February 28th 12:00Your EXTRAWURST art piece must be completely removed from the Schloss
March 25thDeadline for submitting original receipts to get your reimbursement
About Berlin Burner e.V.

We are a Berlin-based registered association dedicated to the artistic and cultural exchange, both locally and internationally.

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